Overview of making a decision set in stone

Stone selection involves a number of factors and for starters – the purpose for the stone, your personal preference and yes, we must address the elephant in the corner, price.

The priority you place on each of these is a personal decision, but all should be taken into account to some degree.

In this blog, we provide you with an overview of the considerations so you can start your thinking process before coming in to discuss the specifics and final choice with our team.


Different stones are better suited to different purposes – benchtops, bathrooms, furniture – primarily determined by the properties of that particular stone

Benchtops: marble, granite and engineered stone are all suitable for benchtops. However, marble is not as heat resistant and we recommend using a trivet or mat when placing very hot items on marble surfaces. Engineered stone is a very popular choice for benchtops due to its superior scratch and stain resistant properties. Marble requires greater maintenance and care.

Bathrooms: marble, granite and engineered stone can all be used in bathroom applications such as vanities and shower walls. Marble and granite are more suited due to their versatility in being able to cut the stone to size, whereas engineered stone is available in set sizes and thicknesses.

Furniture and Fixtures: marble and granite are ideal stones for making décor statements with tables, shelving, cabinetry, wall features and sculptures. All types of stone are heavy and if intending to use for say a table, you need to ensure your flooring has the strength to support the weight.

Also take into account portability. If you’re going to need to move the table or shelving regularly, consider the weight, as it will take a few people to move a marble or granite table.

Marble and granite give our craftsmen the scope to sculpt and shape with artistic flair to create individual pieces to make a unique statement.


Stone is a very long-lasting material so you want to ensure that when you make a decision ‘set in stone’ you can live with it for a long time.

Personal taste in regard to primarily patterning and veining of the stone determines many decisions. Many marbles tends to have more pronounced veining and patterning, hence the term marbling. However, the neutral colours can be more subtle and it’s well worthwhile reviewing our supplier’s website www.finestone.com.au – it may change your perception of marble.

Granite forms in quite a range of patterns, from subtle to strong. The gold, yellow-gold and black magma in particular, have amazing contrasts which showcase the natural striations. The stronger patterns are more suited to large spaces where they can make a statement.

Engineered stone is made from quartz crystals, so the effect is more subtle, with smaller particles.

In general, larger the pattern the larger the space. Large patterns can overwhelm a small space but can also become the room feature.

Don’t discount using a number of stones in your décor – combine marble and granite features with an engineered stone benchtop.


Most people have a budget to work to, some limited some unlimited, so price will at least in part, determine your stone selection.

As a guide, natural stone tends to be a higher price than its engineered stone equivalent. After all, it is a natural material which has taken a long time to form and has been quarried from deep within the earth.

With natural stone you do have to purchase an entire slab. However, we have some great ideas on utilising any unused stone and we also have a range of off-cuts available for small jobs.

Invest in Quality

Stone is an investment in your property. Both in increasing value and in appeal and liveability.

Mackay & Whitsunday Marble & Granite will provide you with a detailed quote to supply, cut, polish and install for your individual requirements, based on your particular stone selection, so you can make an informed decision.

We hope this clarifies some of your questions and to further assist in your decision-making process, please read more of our information blogs.


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