Our Services

Mackay and Whitsunday Marble and Granite provide a comprehensive range of services to transform your home, business or commercial premises with a selection of the finest natural and engineered stone.

Stone selection, design, sourcing and supply, precision cutting, installation, edge detailing, polishing and finishing – working directly with customers and with contractors and builders to transform visions, ideas and concepts into refined reality.

Our services include manufacturing of the following:

  • Kitchens: benchtops, surfaces, accessories

  • Bathrooms & Laundries: vanities, shower walls, floors, fixtures

  • Living Spaces: floors, foyer features, reception counters, walls, tables, accessories

  • Bars: domestic and commercial applications

  • Fireplaces

  • Outdoor: BBQ and entertaining areas, entry features

  • Specialty Pieces: furniture, artworks, desks

No piece of natural is the same, each has its own unique style and pattern, colour and translucence and its own way of reflecting light. We will advise and guide you through selecting the right slab to suit your purpose and your preference.

You can personally select natural stone from a wide selection at wholesale prices that includes everything from marble and granite to onyx and travertine. Or we can design or order engineered stone from one of our preferred suppliers.

Our team of craftsmen will design the stone pieces to your ideas or your building plans.

We source our natural stone from the finest quarries around the world and supplied to us by Finestone Granite and Marble.

Our engineered stone is supplied from highly reputable manufacturers including Essastone, Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Smart Stone, Cosentino / Silestone

We offer a thorough concept to completion service which entails precision cutting of the stone.

Edge detailing is a fine art and you have your choice of several finishings.

Once installed, our craftsmen polish the finished work.

Mackay and Whitsunday Marble & Granite works closely with local contractors and cabinetmakers to ensure all our stone pieces fit the spaces meant for them. Plans are sent from the contractor to our office, where we sit down with you to discuss your vision and requirements as well as your project budget. You receive a quote before work begins. Because stone is expensive, varies in size and is costly to transport, we require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of the project.

If natural stone is selected, we escort you to our wholesale showroom and help you select the material that best suits your lifestyle. If engineered stone is your material of choice, we can either design it or order it on your behalf.

We manufacture, design and cut each piece of stone you choose, and then carefully measure the space on which it will sit to guarantee a flawlessly secure fit. We personally cut, install and polish every piece of stone we work with on the premises—whether it’s for your home or place of business.


Nature always wears the colours of the spirit. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quality and longevity make natural stone the popular choice among astute and discriminating property owners.Its association with opulence, elegance and beauty makes it the preferred choice of the refined.

Not only does each slab of natural stone provide unique characteristics that set it apart from others, but its combination of beauty and durability make it the perfect surface for the more productive areas of your home. And in recent years, it’s become more affordable than ever.
Polished stone is the best material for kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities due to its hygienic qualities, low maintenance and exquisite look. Its organic patterns cannot be replicated. Each piece in our yard is handcrafted from the time it is mined to when we cut, polish and install to fit perfectly into your space.

Natural stone’s malleability lends itself to a wide variety of edge designs, including a splayed, shark nose, pencil and full bullnose. And it’s an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes and shower walls.Allow us to help you select the material that best reflects your style, quarried from around the world and supplied to us by Finestone Granite and Marble.

WhitsundayGraniteAndMarble-Hero-ProjectsNothing is as distinctive as marble. Its pure, classic value and characteristic veining make it a stellar choice for those with discriminating taste.

Like most valuable assets, marble is created in demanding conditions. Marble’s ivory tone and defining veins are formed when limestone or dolomite are pushed together under intense pressure and heat. Its unique composition makes it pliable and thus the stone of choice for hard-to-fit spaces. Unlike other materials commonly used in kitchens and baths, marble never goes out of style. Inviting marble into your home is like housing a timeless jewel that attracts the attention of every visiting guest.

Most people are surprised to find that marble, while one of the most sought-after natural stones, is one of the least expensive due to its wide availability. We invite you to visit our stone yard that contains a wide selection of marble from some of the best quarries in the world.

Like all prized possessions, marble must be treated with care. It’s a good idea to have it sealed to protect it from scratches and stains so you can keep it clean with a simple cloth dipped in water and soft detergent.

Contact our office for more information on how to care for your marble surfaces.

WhitsundayGraniteAndMarble-Hero-ShopGranite is the most solid choice for your kitchen surfaces—literally. Granite’s rock-hard solidity make it the most durable of all your natural stone choices, and the last one you will ever have to replace. Its unique composition make granite heat and scratch resistant and easy to maintain, and thus a top choice among high-end homeowners.

Granite begins as liquid lava and becomes a mixture of minerals that solidifies under continuously changing temperatures. This process produces a spectacular array of colours, patterns and unique characteristics. No slab of granite is identical to any other.

Drilled and cut from ancient volcanic mountains found around the globe, it is then exported to any number of process centres to be further cut, polished and shipped to sellers all over the world.

We invite you to visit our stone yard that contains a wide selection of organic granite. .

Contact our office for information on how to care for your granite surfaces.

1654308_959971004015944_7637735907401442541_nWith growing trend towards of wanting the look without the associated maintenance, care and price of natural stone, manufacturers are producing engineered stone with features and properties similar and in some instances, superior to the natural stone.

While it is engineered, or manmade, it is made from naturally occurring elements so it embraces the true essence of stone and reproduces many of its superb natural beauty.

Engineered Stone is manmade from 93% crushed quartz stone, combined with resin and organic colours, pressed into a mould and then polished. A process which produces a tough and very durable stone in a wide range of palettes. Manufacturers are responding to design trends and re-creating marble-look stone to achieve the look, with lower maintenance than natural marble.

Our manufacturers of choice for engineered stone include:

10168214_796996290313417_1389769669976424974_nOnyx is a calcareous material with very fine grains and veins running concentrically to each other, this stone is usually cut in a directional manner, this stone is translucent and its usual application is high end hotel and foyers stunning feature walls, cocktail bars, perfectly used for mood lighting such as backlit splash backs and facia’s please visit our natural stone suppliers website and view their awesome selection of onyx.

Whitsunday Marble and Granite recommends the Stone Guys cleaning products for Quartz bench tops/engineered stone. We do stock the products and can be purchased online atwww.thestoneguy.com.au.