Stone, both natural and engineered, is an intriguing material. Its origins, natural beauty, uniqueness, range of textures and colours and depth of pigment have captivated, literally, since time began.

So it won’t be surprising that you will have a multitude of questions to address through your decision-making process. To facilitate the process, we’ve prepared a selection of FAQs and a series of informative blogs which we will continue to post on our website and in social media.
If you still have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit one of our stores for personalised advice and direction.


A; If you already know what stone you would like it is as simple as asking your cabinetmaker to email a plain including; sink type, seen edges and thickness of stone required or if you are doing a renovation please draw a sketch of your top plan with sink type, seen edges and thickness of stone, then either email it to us or bring it down to our office. We can normally get back to you within 48hrs, please phone our office if you need help with drawing up your plan.

A: Yes because the under mount hole is cut out on our CNC machine, the inner edge needs to be polished and this needs to be done in the factory, extra charges apply. Please phone our office if you need an approx cost of having a sink under mount.

A: Yes unfortunately you need to buy a whole slab. The wholesalers only sell whole slabs to us; usually an average size kitchen is 2 slabs. If it is only a vanity or small top you may want to select an off cut from our stock to use instead of purchasing a whole slab.

A: If you do have stone left in your slab, you can utilize this for many applications such as splashbacks, vanity top, coffee tables, nichl shelves or the ever popular barbeque area, because this stone is yours the only extra charge is for polishing the edges and fitting of  the stone this works out to be very affordable, and you are spared any wastage this is a very popular option.

A:Once you are satisfied with your final quotation and wish to proceed to the order stage, we require a signed copy of the quotation along with a 50% progress payment. The progress payment is to cover your stone which we then order, it takes about a week for the stone to arrive once the order is placed. We put our stone orders in on a Friday and the delivery usually arrives the following Thursday  or Friday.

A: Engineered stone does not require sealing. Some granites and marbles do, these are normally the lighter color stones WMG will always seal natural stone prior to or during installation,It is advisable on certain natural stone to do this every 12 months this is as easy as spraying the sealer on the area and then wiping it off with a soft cloth.

A: Yes, our suppliers are in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. You can go to their warehouses where they have literally hundreds of stones from around the globe. This is a unique experience seeing all the beautiful natural stone and you can hand choose your slabs which will be sent on to us. Please note we would need to see a kitchen or bathroom plan so that we know you will have enough stone for the project as every slab is different and comes in batches to ensure your slabs match you need to get them from the same block or batch.

A; Yes some marbles can be used for kitchen bench tops however they do need a little more care. If you have fallen for a marble and would like to use this for your kitchen please phone our office and we can advise if it will be suitable, marble is more commonly used in bathrooms, but a care factor needs to be considered, e.g. no harsh chemicals can be used to clean. Sealing will be required every 12 months, this is as easy as spraying the sealer on and wiping it off (please do not shy away from Marble it is truly beautiful.)

A: Yes your sink cut out can be put aside once cut and the edges polished, a small cost does apply.

A: It is not advisable to put hot things directly from your oven onto your granite or engineered stones as this can cause a thermal reaction and may crack your granite or discolor your engineered stone. A simple cork mat or trivet acts as buffer and it is recommended to use every time you need to put hot things onto your kitchen benches. Using your bench tops as a cutting boards is also not recommended apart from making your knife’s blunt continuous friction may take the shine off the polish. If you do wish to cut up on granite, have your sink cut out made into a chopping board (at a small extra cost) to use for that purpose.